Sign Code Information

Why Have a Sign Code?
Many communities establish reasonable limitations on signs to maintain a positive image and appearance for their city. The Covington Sign Code outlines the types of signs that are allowed in the City of Covington, both permanent and temporary, what types of signs are prohibited, and what requirements there are in terms of permitting, sizing, location, and number of signs. Recently the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision in a case Reed v. Town of Gilbert that provided new standards for sign regulation by cities and counties. Covington has been working on revising its sign code to be compliant with this Supreme Court decision. Currently Covington has an interim sign code, and the Community Development Department staff along with the Planning Commission are working on final changes to this interim sign code. The Planning Commission should be holding discussions, public meetings, and a public hearing by the summer of 2018, with a final recommendation to the city council by the summer of 2018. Questions about Covington’s current sign code may be directed to Senior Planner, Brian Bykonen, at, (253) 480-2448.

View Changes to the Sign Code, effective November 1, 2018.

Need specifications about signs?
To view Covington's complete sign code (Covington Municipal Code Chapter 18.55), please contact city staff. The newly adopted code will be available online soon. To request a copy of the code or if you have any questions regarding the code, please contact city staff.

Staff Contacts:
Brian Bykonen, Senior Planner:
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