Ordinance No. 09-2021 Passed at City Council Meeting September 14


An Ordinance of the City of Covington, Washington, repealing Ordinance No. 07-2021 and adopting replacement interim zoning regulations related to Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing, Emergency Housing, and Emergency Shelters for a period of six months in response to HB 1220; amending CMC 14.30.040, CMC 18.20.018, CMC 18.20.032, CMC 18.20.034, CMC 18.20.052, CMC 18.25.030, AND CMC 18.31.120; adopting findings of fact, providing for severability; requiring a public hearing; and setting an effective date.

Passed by the City Council of Covington, Washington, at the City Council meeting of September 14, 2021 to take effect five days after publication.  The full text of the ordinance will be mailed upon request.