Notice of Availability for Final SEIS for Lakepointe 2018 Proposal

Notice is hereby given under WAC 197-11-164, 168, & 172, WAC 197-11-460, WAC 197-11-510, and WAC 197-11-620 that the City of Covington is issuing a Final Planned Action Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Final SEIS) addressing the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea 2018 Development Increase Proposal to amend the Covington Comprehensive Plan and amendments to the  2013 Planned Action Ordinance.

Description of the Proposal:

The Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea 2018 Development Increase Proposal (Lakepointe 2018 Proposal) would amend various sections of the Comprehensive Plan to increase the number of dwelling units and commercial square footage thresholds allowed within the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea (e.g. allow up to 1,750 housing units and 1.32 million square feet of commercial development). This is an increase of 250 dwellings, 470,000 square feet of commercial space, and about 1,011 more jobs above the 2013 Planned Action EIS Maximum Village Alternative 3, which is now considered the “No Action” Alternative.

Pursuant to WAC 197-11-560, the Final SEIS responds to public and agency comments received on the Draft SEIS, issued on February 2, 2021 and provides corrections and clarifications to the environmental analysis contained in the Draft SEIS.

Documents Supplemented

SEPA allows use of prior environmental documents to meet all or part of the City’s responsibility under SEPA (WAC 197-11-600). The Supplemental EIS adopts and supplements the following:

  • Hawk Property Subarea Plan and Planned Action Final EIS, July 26, 2013
  • Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement, Zoning Map Amendment, Boundary Line Adjustment, SEPA Addendum, March 24, 2017
  • Lakepointe Addendum (SEPA17-02) April 11, 2017, Addressing Noise

This Supplemental EIS is focused on elements of the environment that could change as a result of the Lakepointe 2018 Proposal. This Supplemental EIS evaluates: Earth and Groundwater, Air Quality, Plants and Animals, Land Use Patterns/Plans and Policies, Transportation, Noise, Public Services, and Utilities. The footprint or extent of development is not changing, and thus subjects that are dependent on the extent of development are not readdressed unless conditions have changed since 2013.

We have identified and adopted these documents as being appropriate for this proposal after independent review, and they will accompany the proposal to the decision maker. The Final SEIS builds on these documents and meets our environmental review needs for the current proposal.

Proponent: Lakepointe Covington Inc.

Lead Agency: City of Covington

Location: The Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea is located in the northeastern portion of the City, abutting SR 18 on its northwest boundary.  The subarea encompasses approximately 212 acres southeast of SR 18. 

Permit Numbers: LA 18-0002 / SEPA 2018-09

Document Availability:  The Final SEIS is posted on the City’s website at:

A reference copy of the Final SEIS for review is also available at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8am-12pm (noon) closed holidays at the following address: Covington City Hall, 16720 SE 271st Street, Covington, WA 98042.

Waiting Period: Pursuant to SEPA rules (WAC 197-11-460), the City of Covington will not act on the proposal prior to seven days after issuance of the Final EIS.

For more information:  If you have questions, you may contact:  Ann Mueller, AICP, Principal Planner, City of Covington, Department of Community Development, 16720 SE 271st Street |Covington, WA 98042-4964,

SEPA Responsible Official:  Gina, SEPA Official, Community Development Director, City of Covington, Department of Community Development, 16720 SE 271st Street |Covington, WA 98042-4964 

Issued: May 28, 2021