COVID-19 Community Update

In light of the recent outbreak involving the Covington WalMart, we’ve received many inquiries from community members regarding rumors and concerns of other possible outbreaks. We have received some updated information from Public Health and wanted to share that with you all.

  • In total (as of March 24), there are 38 cases linked to the Walmart outbreak, 13 of those individuals reside in the Covington/Maple Valley area. 

  • With the Walmart outbreak and other positive tests, Covington’s cases are up this past week by 90% over the previous week.

  • There are no other employers/businesses in Covington linked to any outbreaks (an outbreak is two or more cases linked to a facility in a non-household setting).

  • Just a reminder that Public Health is the lead agency in regard to COVID-19 and related health concerns in our area. We will continue to share any important information we receive from Public Health - Seattle & King County with our community.

  • We encourage you to continue to proceed with caution - wearing your face masks, keeping gatherings small, and staying home when possible. 

For more information on COVID-19 guidance, mandates, testing or vaccines, please visit  To learn more about impacts on city services and other city resources, please visit