Ordinance No 01-2021 Passed at the February 23 City Council Meeting


An Ordinance of the City Council of the City Of Covington, King County, Washington, Renewing and Imposing an Additional Temporary Six-Month Moratorium On The Creation, Development, Or Expansion Of Self-Service Storage Facilities, Which Includes, Without Limitation, Acceptance, Processing, And Approval Of Building Permit Applications Or Land Use Applications For Self-Service Storage Facilities Located, Or Proposed To Be Located, Within The Mixed Commercial And General Commercial Zones; Setting Forth Findings Of Fact In Support Of This Moratorium; Imposing The Moratorium; Stating The Effect On Vested Rights; Providing For Exclusions; Recognizing That A Public Hearing Has Been Held; Recognizing That A Work Plan Will Be Established; Providing For Severability; Setting The Duration; And Establishing An Effective Date. 

Passed by the City Council of the City of Covington the 23rd day of February 2021 to become effective March 10, 2021.