City Council Selects Covington's Citizen Award Recipients

The City of Covington recognizes two outstanding individuals each year as its Citizen of the Year and Honorary Citizen of the Year. Over the past several years, these honored individuals have been volunteers, advocates, ambassadors, dedicated residents and real assets of the City of Covington. This year’s recipient of the Covington Citizen of the Year Award is Kelsey Anderson and the recipient of the Honorary Citizen of the Year Award is Jennifer Liggett.

After accepting nominations from the public, City Council considered the slate of nominations at their September 22 city council meeting and unanimously selected Kelsey and Jennifer as the honorees.

Kelsey was recognized for her contributions to the community, most recently as a teacher at Cedar Valley Elementary. On her own, Kelsey fundraised to start a book program for the students in her class to each receive one new book a month during the school year. Soon, she expanded the program to the entire school and even when school was closed during COVID, she would personally deliver the new books to all the homes of students in her classroom and oversaw the efforts for the rest of the classes.

“She has been doing work to help kids,” said Council Member Joe Cimaomo when speaking about Kelsey. “Its something she has been passionate about her whole life.”

Jennifer was recognized for her contributions as a community member and in her position as the Executive Director of the Covington Chamber of Commerce. While she excels in her job position, Jennifer consistently goes above and beyond that to be a champion and ambassador for Covington. She lives just on the outskirts of Covington but identifies Covington as her home. Whether as a Chamber employee or just a local resident, Jennifer commits herself and volunteers to making Covington a better place to live, work and play. She is a dedicated volunteer and participates in many events and programs benefiting the city.

“Jennifer is an example of what makes Covington great,” said Council Member Jennifer Harjehausen when speaking about Jennifer’s nomination. “[She has] an amazing positive attitude, she’s everywhere.”

Kelsey and Jennifer will receive proclamations and awards from the city council at the October 13 city council meeting.

Other deserving nominees for Citizen of the Year included Debbie Hartsock, Marc and Stacy Schuh, Jonathan Ingram, Lauren Ravotti and Jill Werneke. Other nominees for Honorary Citizen of the Year included Josh Lyons and Justin VanLandshoot.