City and Chamber Launches Ready Set Play Summer Program for Kids Aug. 3

We are excited to launch the ReadySetPlay program tomorrow, August 3, in a way that is socially safe and follows state guidelines.

READYSETPLAY is a completely FREE and fun annual summer program for elementary school-aged kiddos in the Covington area, made possible through a partnership between the Covington Chamber of Commerce, the Kent School District and the City of Covington.

This year's program has adapted to be SOCIALLY SAFE* and kiddos can earn dozens of custom BRAG TAGS® by completing challenges and activities that are sponsored by local businesses and organizations. If your kiddo completes them all and collects all tags by the end of the program on Sept. 30, 2020, they are eligible to redeem them for a prize pack including 10 Free Swims at the Covington Aquatic Center.

- Get kiddos active and creative by doing new and fun activities in socially safe ways!
- Interact with businesses and organizations in Covington that you might not have known about, but in a responsible way to maintain health and safety!
- Earn a FREE prize pack, including 10 free swims at the Covington Aquatic Center when it reopens, once all Brag Tags have been earned!

The READYSETPLAY program will officially begin on August 3, 2020 and end on Sept. 30, 2020 (subject to change based on state guidelines). Parents/Guardians can stop by a participating location starting August 3 to pick up an official READYSETPLAY lanyard generously provided by MultiCare that is needed to collect Brag Tags. An official listing of participating locations and required activities will be made available online. *Please note that photos may be taken of participants and activities at any time during the program. Your participation in the program gives permission for those photos to be used for program promotional purposes.

READYSETPLAY is geared toward elementary school-aged kids (ages 5-12) in the Covington area or attending school within the Kent School District. However, there are no age restrictions provided that the child is old enough to participate and complete the activities/challenges on their own or with some help by a parent or guardian.

Participants can earn the grand prize by completing all 24 activities and collecting all 24 Brag Tags. The grand prize is a prize pack that includes cool goodies and 10 FREE swims to the Covington Aquatic Center (to be used when they re-open). The program runs August 3 through September 30 and Brag Tags can be earned any time during that time frame. Participants may pick up their grand prize by showing us all 24 Brag Tags between September 1 and October 15 at a location to be announced. Please check back on our website at and on our Facebook page for the specific announcement as we get closer to September 1.

Stop by Covington Community Park from Monday, Aug. 3 through Thursday Aug. 6 from 12-4 p.m. at the Concessions Stand to pick-up a lanyard to start your Brag Tag collection! If you are unable to stop by, don't worry, lanyards will be available throughout the eight weeks at six of our business locations as listed on the activity page.