Ordinance No. 04-2020 Passed at March 10 City Council Meeting

An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Covington, King County, Washington, imposing a temporary 12-month moratorium on the creation, development, or expansion of self-service storage facilities, which includes, without limitation, acceptance, processing, and approval of building permit applications or land use applications for self-service storage facilities located, or proposed to be located, within the mixed commercial and general commercial zones; setting forth findings of fact in support of this moratorium; imposing the moratorium; stating the effect on vested rights; providing for exclusions; setting a public hearing; recognizing that a work plan will be established; providing for severability; declaring an emergency; setting the duration; establishing an immediate effective date; and repealing Ordinance No. 03-2020.

Passed by the City Council of Covington, Washington, at the City Council meeting of March 10, 2020 to take effect immediately. The full text of the ordinance will be mailed upon request.