Graffiti & Removal

Record. Report. Remove. 

KidGraffitiRemoversThese three easy steps can make the difference between living with on-going graffiti or living free of it.

Record It.
When you notice graffiti, it is very important to record it. Whip out your cell phone or digital camera and take a snapshot of the "tag" and related damage. If you don't have access to a camera you should write the description down and/or draw it if you can. Graffiti does not always happen with spray paint, permanent markers and stickers are also a common form of graffiti.

Report It.
The importance of reporting graffiti (and quickly) is to allow police to discover what types of graffiti are in Covington and notice trends, similarities, or patterns. Police often can tell who has done the "tagging" when they see an image of it. Report graffiti online through Covington Connects.

Remove It.
When is the best time to remove graffiti? Immediately after you see it. Recording and reporting the graffiti are the first steps to the removal process. It is proven that the best method to stop graffiti is to remove it promptly after it appears because taggers don't get to enjoy their work if it is gone so quickly. Per code, private property owners must remove graffiti as soon aso pssible. On public property, the city is responsible for removing grafitti.

Graffiti Removal Clean Covington Day
Graffiti is not only a nuisance to the eye, it is often difficult to remove, depending on the surfaces. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's sell graffiti removal spray which works best on hard flat surfaces like metal and stone. Graffiti on wood fences are harder to remove and often needs to be painted over. Another city has a great webpage with information on removing grafitti that we have linked here.