Human Services Commission

To assess youth and family service needs in Covington and determine the priorities. 

MEETINGS: Second Thursday of Each Month, 6:30 p.m.
TERMS: Three Years
STAFF CONTACT: Julie Johnston,, 253.480.2411
LINKS: Agendas and Minutes

POS. 1 (exp. 3/31/23) - Debbie Jacobson, Chair
POS. 2 (exp. 3/31/23) - Sara Parker
POS. 3 (exp. 3/31/22) - Dawn Allen, Vice Chair
POS. 4 (exp. 3/31/23) - Vacant
POS. 5 (exp. 3/31/23) - Jessica Fern
POS. 6 (exp. 3/31/22) - Catherine Williams
POS. 7 (exp. 3/31/22) - Lydia Faitalia

The Human Services Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council. Terms shall commence on April 1 and expire on March 31 of the respective years.

The Human Services Commission may make reports and recommendations to the City Council concerning issues relating to youth and families within the community including:

  1. Assess youth and family service needs within the City on a continuing basis;
  2. Determine priorities for human service needs within the City;
  3. Evaluate and make recommendations on funding requests submitted to the City;
  4. Support the development of programs to assist the youth and families within the City;
  5. Evaluate and review the program performance of individual human service organizations and agencies that are funded by the City of Covington;
  6. Review City actions that may affect the availability and quality of human services within the City;
  7. Coordinate with human services planning organizations, human services agencies, and other groups within the region;
  8. Assess the recreational needs of youth and families within the City, in cooperation with other City Commissions;
  9. Search for and evaluate potential support resources for the City in furtherance of the stated goals and responsibilities herein;
  10. The Human Services Commission shall provide periodic reports to the City Council setting forth its progress in completing its work program for the current fiscal year. The chairperson of the Human Services Commission or designee is encouraged to regularly present updates to the City Council at the first regular City Council meeting or study session after each Human Services Commission meeting. Covington Municipal Code (CMC) 2.40.