City Government

Covington has a council-manager form of government. The elected GoalsFlyerImagegoverning body, or city council, is responsible for the legislative functions of the city such as establishing policy, passing ordinances, and developing an overall vision. The city council appoints a city manager to oversee the administrative operations and implement the policies. The mayor is selected from the members of the council.

Additionally, the city has seven commissions that help advise the council including: the Planning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Arts Commission, the Covington Economic Development Council, the Human Services Commission, the Equity, Cultural and Social Justice Commission, and the Covington Youth Council.

Your city council and city commission members are dedicated to working with the community to understand the wants and needs of our residents, visitors and businesses.

City council and commission meeting dates and times are posted on the city calendar. Just one click on a meeting and you will find agendas and minutes there, too. For more information about city government, please contact us at (253) 480-2400.