Current Projects


CIP 1086     164th Avenue SE between SE 264th Street and vicinity SE 269th Street
This project will install a 5’ separated sidewalk on the east side of 164th Avenue SE between SE 264th Street and just south of SE 269th Street.  This project will also include storm drainage improvements to better convey and treat surface water. Once completed, this will provide a continuous separated sidewalk from Kentwood High School to the Covington Library. CIP 1086

          Schedule:     Complete Design - 2018
Construction - 2019 

  Contact:    Robert Lindskov, City Engineer
  Phone:    253-480-2467 


CIP 1127     SR 516 (SE 272nd Street) between Jenkins Creek and 185th Place SE Project 
This project is to widen and reconstruct a portion of SE 272nd Street between Jenkins Creek and 185th Place SE.  This project will include the crossing of Jenkins Creek with a new structure for the stream, widening the street from 2-lanes to 5-lanes including curb and gutter, 8' sidewalks, access control features, landscaping and provisions for u-turns.

This project is funded with federal funds administered through the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The project also received Connecting Washington Funds to fully fund the project through construction.

Project Update:
Environmental Permitting    
The environmental portion of the project was submitted to the State Agencies in April of 2015. We are currently awaiting environmental permits.

The design, including the environmental and right-of-way plans, are being completed by Tetra Tech Engineers.  The project includes the coordination and design of water and sewer utilities that are owned by Covington Water District, Kent Water and Soos Creek Water and Sewer District. The design can be completed once we receive the final environmental permit and complete the coordination and design of the water and sewer plans.

Right-of-Way (ROW)
The project is also in the right-of-way phase to acquire the necessary property to widen the roadway.  Due to delays associated with environmental and the utility design, the ROW phase for the project has been delayed.  It is anticipated that the acquisition of the necessary portions of ROW will commence in Spring/Summer of 2018 and be completed by year end.

The construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 based on receiving the environmental permitting in the Summer of 2018.  Once the project begins, it is expected to take two construction seasons (Spring/Summer) to complete.  It is anticipated to open to traffic in late 2020.  CIP 1127

          Schedule:     Environmental Permitting - 2018
Design Phase - Complete in 2018
Right-of-Way Phase - End of 2018
Construction - Begin 2019 and complete in 2020
  Contact:    Robert Lindskov, City Engineer  

  Phone:    253-480-2467 



CIP 1201     Covington Connector (204th Ave SE from SR 516 to SR 18) 
The Covington Connector project will be constructed in two phases and connect SE 256th Street at the State Route 18 on/off-ramps to State Route 516 along the existing 204th Ave SE corridor. The project is divided into two roadway construction packages. The first package (204th Ave SE and SR 516) includes widening along State Route 516 from 201st Ave SE to 207th Ave SE, as well as reconstructing the existing 204th Ave SE corridor. The second package (LakePointe Blvd and SR 18) includes constructing a new roadway connecting the existing north terminus of 204th Ave SE to the SR 18 eastbound on/off-ramps through the existing Hawk gravel pit.  As mentioned above, this phase will be constructed as a separate project and is primarily a new route/new alignment project associated with the Lakepointe Development. The project is primarily a 3-lane (widens to 5-lane for a portion in the Lakepointe Development section) urban roadway including curb, gutter, sidewalks, bike lanes and landscaping.

This project received 24 million as part of the Connecting Washington Funds.  This project will be funded with the Connecting Washington Funds as well as development fees associated with the Lakepointe Development.

Project Update:
The design is approaching 90% completion for the project and is expected to be complete in the Summer of 2018.

Right-of-Way (ROW)
The project is about to enter the ROW phase to acquire the necessary property to widen the 204th corridor.  It is anticipated to begin the ROW phase in the Spring/Summer of 2018 and be complete by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

As mentioned above, the project will be constructed in two phases.  The first phase (204th Corridor) is expected in begin in 2019 and be completed in approximately one year.  The second phase is expected toPublication1 begin in late 2019 or early 2020 with a completion in late 2021.

          Schedule:     Design Phase - Complete in Summer 2018  
Right-of-Way Phase - End of 2018/Early 2019
Construction (1st Phase) - 2019-2020
Construction (2nd Phase) - 2020-2021
  Contact:    Robert Lindskov, City Engineer  

  Phone:    253-480-2467 


CIP 1145    
SE 256th Street between 168th Avenue SE and 173rd Avenue SE
This project replaces the culvert crossing over Little Soos Creek and widens SE 256th to 5 lanes.  The project includes curb, gutter, 8’ sidewalk, landscaping, bike lanes, illumination and undergrounding of utilities.  Project length is about 1,500 feet.  This project will complete a gap in our pedestrian/non-motorized transportation system.  Currently the design phase is the only phase that is funded.  The design began in the Spring of 2018 and is expected to take a year to complete the design.
256th Culvert

          Schedule:     Design Phase - Complete in 2019

  Contact:    Robert Lindskov, City Engineer  

  Phone:    253-480-2467 


CIP 1028     192nd Avenue SE and 194th Avenue SE Paving
This project will repave 192nd and 194th Ave SE within the limits shown in the diagram. This project will include removing trees within the median of 192nd Ave SE as well as root removal and curb repairs in preparation of Overlay_Project_Area_Mapthe new asphalt overlay.  There will also be phases creating accessible curb ramps and new landscaping. 

We are making every effort to have King County pave this summer, but there is a chance work won’t be completed until the summer of 2019. During various phases of this project, we do expect some delays.  Please use caution and adjust speeds were applicable.

          Schedule:      Complete Design - 2018  
 Construction - 2018 

  Contact:     Robert Lindskov, City Engineer
  Phone:     253-480-2467 




Timberlane/Jenkins Creek Park Stormwater LID Phases 2, 3 and 4
The City of Covington plans to improve existing stormwater collection, conveyance, and treatment systems within Timberlane Estates, incorporating low impact development best management practices. The project area Map   Timberlanecurrently has some flow control infrastructure, but limited water quality facilities. The drainage easement in the plat is approximately 3,200-feet long and includes both piped and open channel stormwater conveyance and discharges at a perched outfall in Jenkins Creek Park that has a severely incised channel.

          Schedule:     Design - Complete
Construction Phase - 2018
  Contact:    Shawn Buck, Construction Inspector 
  Phone:    253-480-2466