Winter Storm Planning


The Covington area is vulnerable to many types of disasters but the most common are the winter storm, windstorm, prolonged hot spells and power outages. We have developed disaster specific flyers for each plus guides for Using a Generator During a Power Outage, Preparing your Household for Emergencies and a Checklist of Disaster Emergency Supplies. The material in this area is derived from the Washington State Department of Health and the Military Department – Emergency Management Divisions Disaster Preparedness Handbook.

Remember the slogan "3 Days 3 Ways – Are You Ready? " Have a Plan, Build a Kit, and Get Involved. The following information will start you on the road to having a plan and the checklist will aid you in beginning to build a kit. To get involved log on to King County Emergency Management Division or KING, KIRO or KOMO websites for more information.

Puget Sound Fire conducts "Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) " training in the spring and fall. This training will only take a few hours a week for several weeks but you will become better qualified to take care of your family, place of work and community through your involvement in this very rewarding training experience.Wind Storm

Your home, car or RV could be in the path of hazards on your property. Before the windstorm hits you may consider removing some of the potential hazards.

Should this not be an option, we recommend staying near the center of the home, on the first floor and away from windows.