Terrorism Preparedness


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is promoting "Don't be afraid, Be ready." This is the City of Covington's philosophy. The City of Covington is a city that relies upon contract services for fire and police services. Thus all we can do is be prepared to respond to and recover from the consequences of a disaster that could impact our community through the aid of other public agencies. This includes earthquakes, severe weather, power outages, terrorism, etc. Earthquakes are the largest and most complex disaster to prepare for. If you are prepared for an earthquake, you are likely prepared for any other significant event.

To help you and your business and family prepare, here are a few actions that you can take before any disaster occurs:

Store emergency drinking water; stock supplies as if you couldn't get to the grocery store for several days; prepare for power outages by having flashlights and batteries, as well as a battery operated radio; keep at least a 3-day supply of medications on hand; develop a family communications plan, including an out-of-area phone contact for your family to call if local telephone lines are overwhelmed.

If something were to happen in the City of Covington, be sure to turn on your AM/FM radio or television and listen for directions and/or information relating to any specific actions that you should take. By being prepared, you empower you and your family to survive and recover from any disaster.