Incident Command System

 The City's Management Team provides staff support, direction and expertise in development of the plan and all supporting documents. The Team is made up of key personnel designated by each City department director having key roles in emergency preparedness, planning and response activities. Team members will normally staff the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC), and coordinate the activities of their respective divisions or area of responsibility during major emergencies and disasters.ICS Chart
Emergency Management Director
The Emergency Management Director (EMD) provides direction and coordination for the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan development, ongoing maintenance and related activities within the City, provides for coordination with outside agencies and organizations involved in emergency planning, manages the Emergency Coordination Center during activation and interacts with outside agencies to coordinate emergency support activities, acts as permanent chair of the Emergency Management Committee and recommends emergency planning related policy to the City Management Team for approval.

Emergency Management Coordinator
The Emergency Management Coordinator provides assistance to the Emergency Management Director and acts as Director in the director's absence. Also, acts as the permanent secretary of the Emergency Management Committee. The Emergency Management Coordinator also edits and formats all emergency management related forms, handouts, brochures and plans.

Emergency Coordination Center
The Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) serves as a centralized location for emergency operations. Overall coordination will normally be conducted through the ECC in order to support the overall community response to the disaster and to best coordinate efforts with county, state and federal agencies. The Emergency Management Director activates the ECC at the request of the City Manager or any City department director. Designated staff reports to the ECC to coordinate response efforts and support field operations. All or part of the Emergency Management organization and/or the ECC may be activated during a disaster. The level of activation will be determined by the nature and extent of the disaster. The ECC can be operational 24-hours a day and is equipped with an alternate power supply for use during a general system failure.