Emergency Management Division

 The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan provides the framework for these organizational activities during disaster operations and provides guidance to the Emergency Management Organization for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery operations. This includes disaster and emergency responsibilities, training, and community education activities.

The Emergency Management Division is comprised of:

  • Emergency Management Committee
  • City Management Team
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Emergency Coordination Center (ECC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Covington be flooded? According to the information released by the Army Corp of Engineers and King County, Covington will not be affected by Howard Hanson Dam flood waters, only the valley cities of Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Renton and South Seattle.

Do I Need Flood Insurance? Purchasing flood insurance is a decision that you will have to make. While flooding from the Howard Hanson Dam will not reach Covington, be aware that heavy rains this season could impact Jenkins Creek and other bodies of water in Covington. If you have been contacted by FEMA about getting flood insurance, we recommend you follow their advice.

What effect will the flooding have on Covington? Covington is on higher ground and borders up to Kent and Auburn. Kent-Kangley Road is a direct evacuation route as set by the City of Kent for their residents and Highway 18 will be a likely evacuation route from Auburn. If flood victims flee toward Covington, there will be traffic delays around the business district. With the valley flooded, it may create a barrier from Covington residents getting to work (if they work in or across the valley) and it may also prevent Covington residents from getting home. In addition, there may be delivery issues for businesses and possibilities for shelters in the area.

How to Prepare
These useful links and guides will help you and your family to assemble your preparedness plan.

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