Police Services

The Covington Police Department is a contract city with personnel and services provided by the King County Sheriff’s Office. The Covington Police Department is made up of one Chief, one Detective, one Traffic Officer, one School Resource Officer and eleven Patrol Officers. Additional support services are provided by the King County Sheriff’s Office

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How do I become a Covington Police Citizen Volunteer?
Covington police have developed a new Citizen Police Volunteer Program and are reaching out to members of the community that are interested in helping deter criminal activity.

Citizens interested in participating in the volunteer program are urged to complete the volunteer application packet. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and applicants must also clear a criminal history background check.

Volunteer Application Form 

Volunteers will provide assistance to those officers by adding a visible presence in neighborhoods, parks, streets and business areas in Covington, as well as administrative support to the Police Department.

For more information, please contact Covington's Police Chief Andrew McCurdy at (253) 480-2430.

How do I organize a Block Watch?
Crime happens, but where it happens and to whom can be influenced by you and your neighbors. The Block Watch program is a community-based crime prevention program that encourages residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety. If your neighborhood does not currently have an active block watch, someone must volunteer to become the captain and get things started.

The King County Sheriff's Office has created a Block Watch Handbook  which includes information on:
-How to organize a block watch meeting
-Tips for block watch captains
-Mapping your neighborhood
-Creating a phone tree
-Additional Resources

Please use this handbook as a resource when beginning a Block Watch program in your neighborhood. Please note that contact information provided in the handbook applies to King County only, not Covington residents, however, it is still a great reference to learn from.

What if I am the victim of Identity Theft?
Federal Trade Commission:
Identity theft hotline: 1-877-IDTHEFT

U.S. Postal Service:

How do I request a House Check while I am on vacation?
As a service to the residents of the City of Covington, the Covington Police Department offers free house checks. Officers will periodically check the exterior of your home while you are away. This service helps to deter potential burglars and provides for additional security while your house in unoccupied. To request a house check, please complete a Covington Police Department House Check form and deliver it to the Covington Police Department.


How do I request Extra Patrols or Traffic Enforcement in my neighborhood?
Contact Chief Andrew McCurdy at andrew.mccurdy@kingcounty.gov

What are the Fireworks Guidelines in Covington?
The laws regarding fireworks in Covington can be found in Covington's Municipal Code Chapter 15.15. According to the code, legally obtained consumer fireworks can be discharged within Covington city limits during these times only:
-Between 9 a.m. and midnight (12 a.m.) on July 4.
-Between 6 p.m. on December 31 and 1 a.m. on January 1.

For a description of what's legal and illegal, click here 

How do I obtain a Criminal History Check?

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