We are excited to introduce you to a new tool that aims to bring clarity to the city’s finances through an PortalGraphicinfographic-based look at the city’s budget and other demographics.

The overall goal of the new transparency center is to present an easy-to-understand, visual breakdown of the city’s finances as well as to provide Covington taxpayers with easy access to the city’s financial data.

Users can navigate through the past several years of the city’s revenues and expenditures, including what taxes the city collects, per capita income and expenditures, and a variety of easy-to-read graphs and charts. Just click "View Now" on the image above!   

2022 Budget Message
2022 Budget Workbook
City of Covington 2021 Budget
City of Covington 2020 Budget

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report - 2020
Annual Comprehensive Financial Report - 2019