Comprehensive Plan

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
The City of Covington Comprehensive Plan is the City's official long-range guide for growth, development and change over the next two decades. It provides specific information about the community and its residents, sets levels of service standards and provides policy guidance.  Public input was strongly encouraged during the preparation of the Plan and extensive discussion took place in meetings and work sessions before the Planning Commission and City Council, leading to Council adoption of the city's first Comprehensive Plan in September 2001. In January 2016, the Council adopted the current 2015-2035 Covington Comprehensive Plan.

What does the Plan consist of?
The Comprehensive Plan includes text, a Future Land Use Plan map and the 20-year Capital Facilities Plan.

The text of the plan includes a Plan Foundation introduction chapter that describes the purpose of the plan as well as Covington's vision, mission and framework goals that guide the plan. This chapter also highlights the various planning enabling legislation that is the basis for planning in Washington cities and counties. It is followed by eight elements: Land Use, Housing,  Transportation, Economic Development, Natural Environment, Capital Facilities & Utilities, Parks, Recreation & Open Space and Shoreline. These eight elements provide the goals, policies and strategies that direct future growth consistent with the City of Covington's Vision.

How and why is the Plan amended?
Since the Plan looks twenty years into the future, it needs to be revised and updated periodically to keep it current and to incorporate changes in trends and community interests. According to the City of Covington Municipal Code (CMC 14.25.020), amendments may be proposed no more frequently than once a year (with certain exceptions for emergencies, etc.) so that all proposed amendments may be considered during the same time period.

Updating the Comprehensive Plan
Since the initial adoption of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, on September 1, 2001, it has been periodically reviewed and amended by the City Council to meet the changing needs of our city. In 2016, the City Council approved the 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan as part of our periodic update required by state law.  Whenever the plan is amended it is important to verify that it is "internally consistent" and that development regulations are consistent with and implement the comprehensive plan.

The 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan and related background documents can be viewed on line. Additional information on the City's periodic update and the development, review and process for approval of the 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan can be viewed on the Update 2015 web page.

Any citizen or organization wishing to suggest other amendments to the Plan must submit a proposal as part of the annual "docketing" process. See timeline and application for amending the comprehensive plan at the bottom of this page. Through this process, the City will determine which, if any, of the proposed amendments will be "docketed" or placed on the Planning Commission's work schedule for the year.

How can I submit or comment on a privately initiated comprehensive plan amendment?
Review the proposed amendment application(s), submit written comments and/or attend a public meeting or hearing and provided public testimony.  Each year in the fall the City announces that they will begin to accept privately initiated Comprehensive Plan amendments and the dates to do so in order to be considered for the following years Docket.

The city will begin accepting applications for the 2021 Amendment Cycle on November 9, 2020  for 60 days.  Privately initiated amendments to the Comprehensive Plan must be submitted by 5PM on January  8, 2021. 

How do I find out the zoning for my property?
The City of Covington Zoning Map is available online in PDF format.

How may I find out more about my property?
You may access parcel and zoning information from the King County website.