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Covington's Comprehensive Plan is designed to assess existing conditions, look forward, and plan for the next 20 years from 2015-2035. In other words, it describes who we are, what we want, and how we plan to achieve it. As the City continues "Growing Towards Greatness," the Comprehensive Plan will guide the physical development of the City, ensure that change is consistent with the community's vision and principles, and coordinate the provision of public services and amenities to support new growth. 

Covington's Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035 includes eight separate but interrelated topic elements, as well as, a Plan Foundation chapter with framework goals that serve as a foundation for element specific goals and policies.  The framework goals are a bridge to the element-specific goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan and cut across disciplines.
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Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035 (Approved Jan. 12, 2016 -Ord 02-2016)15 documents

  • Table of Content
    document seq 0.50
    Updated 2019
  • Plan Foundation (Chapter 1)
    document seq 1.00
  • Land Use Element (Chapter 2)
    document seq 2.10
    Updated in 2018
  • Housing Element (Chapter 3)
    document seq 3.10
  • Transportation Element (Chapter 4)
    document seq 4.10
  • Economic Development Element (Chapter 5)
    document seq 5.10
  • Natural Environment Element (Chapter 6)
    document seq 6.10
    Updated in 2018
  • Capital Facilities Element (Chapter 7)
    document seq 7.10
    Updated in 2018
  • Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Element (Chapter 8)
    document seq 8.10
    Updated in 2018
  • Shoreline Element (Chapter 9)
    document seq 9.10
    Updated in 2019
  • Appendix 2015-2035 Capital Facilities (8 MB)
    document seq 10.00
    Capital Facilities Appendix prepared for the periodic update to the Covington Comprehensive Plan approved on Jan. 12, 2016 (Ord. 02-2016)
  • Covington Existing Conditions ReportĀ  2015-2035 ( 13 MB)
    document seq 11.00
    Existing Conditions Report 2015-2035 prepared as a baseline/background document for the Covington Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035.
    document seq 12.00
    Background supporting document for periodic Update of the Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035
  • 2018 Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035 (Ord 09-2018)
    document seq 13.00
    An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Covington, King County, Washington amending the City of Covington 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan by amending the Land Use Element; the Natural Environment Element; the Capital Facilities and Utilities Element; the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Element; and by amending the references to the Critical Aquifer Recharge Area Map in the CMC Section 18.65.311.  (Amending Ord. No. 02-2016)
  • 2019 Amendments to the Shoreline Element (Ord. 09-2019, Exhibit B)
    document seq 14.00
    Cumulative Impacts Analysis, SMP Periodic Update Addendum Exhibit A

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Guide and Application2 documents

  • Comp Plan Amendment Docket Application updated 10052020.pdf
    document seq 0.00
  • Comp Plan Amend. Instruction Guide & Timeline updated 10052020.pdf
    document seq 0.00

Development Regulation Amendment Information2 documents

  • Development Regulation/Zoning Map Amendment Application
    document seq 0.00
  • Development Regulation & Zoning Map Amendment Instructions
    document seq 0.00