Marijuana-Related Uses

Effective July  6, 2016, the City of Covington passed Ordinance 12-2016, establishing land use regulations for the establishment of marijuana production, processing, and retailing uses. Generally, marijuana production and processing uses may only locate in the city’s Industrial (I) zone and retail uses may only locate in the Mixed Commercial (MC) and General Commercial (GC) zones, subject to both state and city regulations, including sensitive uses buffers.

The city will not issue a business license for any  marijuana producer, processor, or retailer who has not first obtained a required license from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) for the proposed business. In addition to complying with all state laws and regulations,  marijuana businesses must also comply with all applicable city ordinances and regulations and acquire all necessary city permits (such as a sign permit and building permits related to electrical, mechanical, HVAS, plumbing, fire, etc.).  


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CovingtonSensitive Use Map

Flow Chart summarizing Ord. 12-2016
Sensitive Use Map - showing the 1000 and 500 foot buffer based on rules in Initiative 502 and city specific exclusions(CMC18.33 Marijuana- Related Uses).

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board
Marijuana Licensing