Community Development A-Z

  Accessory Dwelling Unit Instructions and Affidavit 
  Additional Submittal
  Affidavit Lieu of Contractor Registration
  Agency Contract Information
  Air Leakage Testing
  Annexation Application Packet
  Application of Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) 
  Binding Site Plan Application
  Bond Quantity Worksheet
  Boundary Line Adjustments/Lot Consolidation 
  Building Address Guidelines
  Building Code Information
  Building Permit Commercial
  Building Permit Residential 
  Business License City Addendum
  Business License Master Application
  Certificate of Occupancy (CO) & Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) Guidelines
  Change of Occupancy 
  Clearing, Grading, and Erosion Control Plan Review Checklist 
  Commercial Building Submittal Checklist
  Commercial Kitchen Hood Worksheet
  Commercial Minimum Drawing Checklist
  Commercial Site Development Applications
  Commercial Submittal Checklist
  Commercial/Multi-Family Building Address Number Size & Placement
  Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035
  Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  Comprehensive Plan Amendment Instruction Guide and Timeline
  Conditional Use Application Packet 
  Construction & Demolition Recycling
  Construction Phase Checklist
  Converting Garage to Living Space Submittal Checklist 
  Converting Houses to Non-Residential Uses 
  Critical Area Declarations
  Critical Area Notice
  Current Building Codes
  Deck Guidelines and Worksheets
  Demolition Permit
  Design Deviations and Variances
  Detention Vault Design Criteria
  Development Activity Report - February 2021
  Development Regulation & Zoning Map Amendment Application
  Development Regulation & Zoning Map Amendment Instruction Guide
  Downtown Design Guidelines and Standards
  Engineering Phase Submittal Checklist
  ePermit Naming Convention
  ePermit Plan Requirements
  Expedited Plan Review Request
  Financial Guarantee
  Final Plat Submittal Checklist (Short & Long Plats)
  Fire Permit
  Fire Prevention Bureau
  Fireworks Stand Application 
Fee Resolution 2021
  Fire Impact Fee Worksheet
  Grading Permit Application
  Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure
  Home Occupation Business License Supplemental Application
  Inspections/Job Starts Information
  J, K
  Land Use Application
  Landscape Bond Quantity Worksheet 
  LID Stormwater Facilities 
  Link to Online Building Codes
  Manufactured Home Submittal Checklist
  Marijuana Related Uses
  Mechanical Permit
  Multi-Family Submital Checklist
  Multi-Family Tax Exemption Application 
  New Development Fact Sheet
  Non-Residential Re-roof
  Notice Board Requirements
  Peddler Permit
  Pet Licensing
  Plumbing Permit
  Pre-Application Meeting Application & Checklist
  Preliminary Subdivision Worksheet Relating to Density & Dimensions 
  Prescriptive Energy Code Compliance Worksheet 
  Recorder's Cover Sheet and Neighbor Consent Form
  Request for Expedited Review
  Request for Public Record
  Re-roof Non-residential
  Re-roof Residential
  Residential Accessory Structure Regulations 
  Residential Re-roof
  Retaining Walls & Rock Walls
  Right-of-Way Use Application
  Sample Site Plan
  Sensitive Bond Quantity Worksheet
  SEPA Checklist
  SEPA Determinations
  Shorline Permit Instructions & Checklist
  Short Plat Application Packet
  Sign Permit Application - Permanent
  Sign Permit Application- Temporary
  Single Family Submittal Checklist  
  Single Family Minimum Drawing Cheklist
  Site Improvement Bond/Quantity Worksheet
  Special Inspections Guidelines- Fillable Form 
  Street Tree List/Replacement Request 
  Subdivision Application Packet
  Subdivision Density & Dimension Calculator
  Temporary Use Permit  
  Tenant Improvements Minimum Drawing Checklist
  Tenant Improvements Submittal Checklist
  Testing Lab Information
  Tips for Successful Permitting
  Transportation Concurrency Application
  Tree Removal Application - Minor
  Tree Removal Application - Major
  Tree Removal Exemption
  U, V
   Virtual Inspections/Site Conditions
  Wireless Communications Facilities Information
  X, Y
  Zoning Map
  2015 Washington State Alterations (Remodel) Energy Code Worksheet
  2015 Washington State Residential Energy Code Prescriptive Worksheet