Property & Development

Zoning in Covington
Zoning Code (CMC Title 18)
Zoning Map

To view more information on zoning in the City of Covington you can visit King County's iMAP, which provides interactive maps with quick access to parcel, assessor, aerial and zoning information specific to property within Covington. When viewing iMAP you can search for a property by clicking on the "property search" button on the left hand side of the page.  If you want to see the zoning on the map make sure you check the box on the right hand side for "Covington zoning" and "Covington zoning labels."   

Covington Land Use & Development Regulations
The city's land use and development regulations include the city's Subdivision requirements (Title 17) and Zoning Code (Title 18) found within the Covington Municipal Code. The city regularly updates these regulations.

Shoreline Master Program
View information on the city's current Shoreline Master Program (SMP).  Note the city is currently undertaking the required periodic review of the SMP.

Downtown Plan
View information on the background and development of city's Downtown Plan and the current Downtown Development Guidelines and Standards as amended in April 2014.

Land Use Forms and Documents
The City of Covington requires land use approvals for development and remodeling activities. Forms for land use applications as well as checklists can be downloaded here. It is important to provide all required documentation with the application. The required fee(s), payable by cash, check or major credit card is due at the time the application is submitted.

Depending on the proposal, project submittals are reviewed by Building, Land Use, Transportation, Utility, Fire, Parks and Planning staff.

Hearing Examiner Decisions
The City's Hearing Examiner is an independent official selected by the City Council to conduct quasi-judicial hearings on matters or appeals involving the application of land use and development regulations and compliance with city codes. The Hearing Examiner conducts public hearings to hear arguments regarding application of Covington laws and ordinances to development proposals. The Hearing Examiner also hears appeals of Code Violation Notices. The applicant, appellant, city departments, and all interested persons are encouraged to use these hearings to provide any relevant information and argument, either orally or in writing. In carrying out duties of the office, the Hearing Examiner reviews available information submitted by staff or by the applicant, maintains an accurate record of the proceedings, determines findings of fact from the record, and forms conclusions in support of recommendations and decisions.

Depending upon the type of application or appeal being considered, the Hearing Examiner's report will be in the form of either a recommendation to the City Council or a final decision that can then be appealed to the Council or to the Superior Court.