Block Watch

Neighbors helping neighbors
Crime happens, but where it happens and to whom can be influenced by you and your neighbors. The Block Watch program is a community-based crime prevention program that encourages residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety. If your neighborhood does not currently have an active block watch, someone must volunteer to become the captain and get things started.

The King County Sheriff's Office has created the Block Watch Handbook which includes information on:

          - How to organize a block watch meeting
          - Tips for block watch captains
          - Mapping your neighborhood
          - Creating a phone tree
          - Ordering and installing block watch signage
          - Additional resources

Do you have more questions about creating a block watch in your neighborhood? The City of Covington police department is happy to provide tips and answer questions you may have. Contact the the city at (253) 638-1110 and ask to speak to an officer about the block watch program.

Block Watch Handbook (PDF format)