Water X Aerobics


Water exercise classes are great aerobic and cardiovascular workouts that will help you increase your cardiovascular endurance, improve your heart rate, and help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Our water exercise classes are 1-hour long, and available on a drop-in basis, as listed on the pool schedule.

Which Class Is Right For You?

WaterX Bootcamp

A more intense cardio muscle building workout with emphasis on interval training while reducing impact to the body’s joints. 

WaterX - Shallow Aerobics

A low-impact aerobics and cardiovascular workout in the shallow-end of the pool. These classes emphasize stretching, developing muscular strength, and developing range of motion. 

WaterX - Deep Aerobics


These classes in the deep-end of the pool give one of the greatest aerobic and toning workouts available with no impact to the body’s joints! These specialized aerobics and cardiovascular workouts provide muscular conditioning and excellent core strengthening. 

Classes utilize Hydro-Fit™ equipment. Hydro-Fit™ equipment is the gold-standard of water exercise equipment. It is considered the best performing aquatic equipment and the preferred choice among fitness enthusiasts. Equipment for use during the class is provided by the Aquatic Center.

WaterX Class Pricing:
Drop-in Youth/Adult $8.25
Drop-in Senior/Disabled/Veterans $6.50

WaterX Membership Pricing:
3-Month Youth/Adult $175
3-Month Senior/Disabled/Veterans $140
12-Month Youth/Adult $350*
12-Month Senior/Disabled/Veterans $280*
*Monthly payment plan available for 12-Month Memberships