Karma the Ambassador


Name:      Karma the Chameleon        Hometown:   Jenkin's Creek Park, Covington, WA       
Fave Food:   Lucky Charms, Crickets     Fave Movie:   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles    

KarmaProfilePic1The story of the Covington Creek Chameleon dates back to the beginning of time – in Covington.

About 1890,while constructing the Northern Pacific Railroad near Palmer Cut-Off, a crew came into an area edged by the parallel flows of Jenkins Creek and Little Soos Creek. A lone surveyor by the name of Richard Covington observed a mysterious and powerful energy alive with a vibrant swirl of color.

No other sightings took place, but rumors of this mysterious apparition were ablaze for years. As time passed and the region grew, it took on a rich and varied spectrum of new settlers who made Covington home.

More recently a group of children playing near Jenkins Creek reported a playful and curious creature interacting with them.  As these reports persisted a group of city representatives made up of City Manager, Regan Bolli, Mayor Jeff Wagner, and Police Chief Andrew McCurdy were dispatched to locate and engage this colorful creature.  This brave team, indeed, was able to locate the creature in question.  Vivid in color and highly social, the creature displayed incredible adaptability and was identified as something of a fresh water chameleon eager to embrace the diverse city that had grown around him.

The rest, my friends, is history……..