Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea

Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea 
(formerly known as Hawk Property Subarea)


Starting in 2013, the Covington community has been planning for the future development of what was once the Lakeside Gravel Mine.  More background information on the planning and public involvement in the development of the Hawk Property Subarea Plan and nonproject Planned Action EIS can be found by clicking here.  Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea
(Note: Oakpointe, the master developer of the subarea, has notified the city that they will be calling the future development in that area now undergoing mine reclamation “Lakepointe”.)  

What is happening now?
On November 21, 2016), Oakpointe submitted the following applications(revisions submitted on Feb. 2, 2017):
- Development Agreement (LU16-0026)

- Zoning Map Amendment (LU16-0025),
- Boundary Line Adjustment (LU16-0024).

The submitted application material can be viewed at City Hall or by logging into the city’s PermitTrax website  and searching by the application number and looking under "Associated Files" for the material.

On December 16, 2016 staff issued a Notice of Complete Applications and Comment Letter to the applicant. 

A Notice of Application was issued on December 30, 2017, with a 21-day comment period which ends on January 20, 2017.

On January 11, 2017, Oakpointe hosted an Open House to share their preliminary plans with members of the public, heard comments and to answer questions.  
Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement Applicaitons

Tentative Noticing and Processing Outline

Date of Submission


Notice of Complete Applications/ Request for corrections and additional information


Notice of Application


21 Day Public Comment Period ends


Revised application material submitted to city 




Planning Commission Public Hearing/Meetings(s)


City Council Public Hearing/ Meetings(s)


City Council Decision


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